Hollydan Works Canada

Video On Demand (VOD) Distribution

Hollydan Works Canada distributes feature films, documentaries and TV series to 42 US and international Premium Video on Demand (VOD) outlets. These 42 VOD outlets have over 500 Million active consumers. Amazon Prime Worldwide, Google Play, Hulu, and Universal Studios and Warner Brothers joint VOD platform Fandango Now, account for over half of those consumers. And Bit Torrent Now for another 200 Million users.

With regard to Bit Torrent Now, better known as a notorious platform for downloading pirated content has now made strides to conform to a legitimate platform offering paid Video on Demand to its 200 Million users and growing. Their users can download the content we make available to them but cannot play it due to special secure encoding, the Bit Torrent user is provided with an opportunity to purchase a decoding key to unlock the content. This model has been very successful in 2015 and the first half of 2016 so much so that many of film maker’s, independent and even some studios are giving Bit Torrent content, like HBO’s successful series “Game of Thrones” and high profile performers like Madonna, Lady Gaga and many more.

The facts are Bit Torrent’s 200 Million active users cannot be ignored, the vast majority of them will not want to buy content that they have become accustomed to acquire illegally for free but they are coming around if Bit Torrent’s sales in 2016 is any indicator of that potential.

Today’s consumer including Bit Torrent users have no problem spending a few dollars for High Quality HD Picture and Sound content and will prefer to pay for it rather than acquire the alternative Standard Definition or lesser quality version illegally. And for the content owner it’s much better to offer their content to Bit Torrent legally and available for a small purchase then to find their content available on Bit Torrent’s platform in lesser quality for free.

Bit Torrent takes only 10% of the sale, the lowest amount of any VOD platform, and even offers a split on revenue they make from advertising banners, so two sources of revenue from Bit Torrent and they offer wonderful tracking of sales daily and almost instant payouts. No other platform has more active users then Bit Torrent now, not even Amazon Prime, the potential for legitimate sales on this platform is staggering.

Throughout 2016 new VOD outlets will be added to Hollydan Works Canada’s network and by 2017 it is expected that there will be over 50 premium US and international VOD outlets with over 600 Million active consumers.

Internet VOD is truly the champion of feature film, documentary and TV Series distribution, giving content owners access to an incredible number of potential consumers worldwide.

Hollydan Works Canada’s VOD platform partners (in 26 countries) are Worldwide:

Canada USA UK Ireland Spain France Germany Switzerland Italy Portugal Serbia Croatia Slovenia Hungary Romanian Turkey Russia Poland Czech Republic Slovakia Luxembourg Brazil Japan China Singapore Australia

In 2016 online Video on Demand in the USA alone will reach revenues of over 13 Billion dollars. And it is expected to surpass the projected USA theatrical box office’s 14 Billion dollar take by 2017. Online Video on Demand is the fastest growing filmed entertainment viewing platform in the world.

74% of all internet traffic by 2017 will be video, over 3 Billion people worldwide will use the internet daily.

By 2018 55% of worldwide consumers including over 500 Million smart phone users with bigger HD screens will prefer to view their filmed entertainment content online over standard Television Cable.

By 2019 online Video on Demand will account for nearly 40% of all worldwide revenue created for Feature Films, Documentaries and TV series, over 37 Billion dollars in the US alone and 100 Billion dollars worldwide.

DVD and Blu-Ray will be 92% extinct commercially worldwide by 2020. And online Video on Demand will be the preferred choice of people worldwide for viewing filmed entertainment content, surpassing theatrical and cable TV. Source – Price, Waterhouse & Cooper

In May 2013, more than 3,000 Video on Demand services were identified as being established in European countries or received in at least one European country.

It is expected by 2017 that there will be over 5,000 Video on Demand services in Europe, the vast majority in the European Union and many in all other European countries or accessible in those countries. Source – Council of Europe’s European Audiovisual Observatory




Our three years (2013 – 2016) of Beta VOD Marketing Testing tells us that November, December, September and October, in that order, from strongest to weaker, are the four best months in the year for worldwide VOD sales. See pie chart. Over 50% of all sales are generated in these four months. We call them the “GOLD” months.

February, April, March and January, in that order, again from strongest to weaker are generally satisfactory months, accounting for nearly 30% of all sales. We call them the “GREEN” months.

May, August, June and July, in that order, from weak to weakest, are the poorest months. These months bring in less than 20% of all sales. We call them the “BLUE” months.

The BEST single month in the year for worldwide VOD sales is November, nearly 17% of all annual sales and the POOREST single month is July, less than 4% of all annual sales